Sunday, February 3, 2019

Happy Super Bowl Day!

 It's the biggest sports day of the year!  Are you excited?  Me--not so much.  I was hoping the Saints would be there.  (Maybe I should join the lawsuit alleging pain and suffering after that missed call.) 

Anyway, there's #12 still passing for touchdowns in his 40's.  Is this his last game?  And if so, what will he do after football?  Become a coach?  A TV analist?  Star in commercials for Nationwide along with Peyton Manning?

I don't know much about the Rams so I am staying neutral this year,  (Last year I cheered for the Philliies because Nick Foles is a cousin of a family friend.)  We are getting together in our event center to watch the game.  I hope it will be a close one or I might just go back upstairs and watch my favorite Sunday show, Flea Market Flip.



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