Sunday, July 7, 2013

Memoir Review: The Church of Tango by Cherie Magnus

Resilient, daring, impulsive, determined.  All these words apply to Cherie Magnus.  And oh yes, tango aficionado...and, of course, writer.  Shortly after her husband's death from cancer, Cherie Magnus impulsively decides to go to Paris to learn French.  And we are off with her on a whirlwind journey from Paris, back to Los Angeles, Paris again, Mexico, Argentina, and a brief visit to Holland thrown in.  Chasing her love of dance, she travels the world until she finds the love of her life--the tango--and settles in Buenos Aires (at least for now).  She brings her surroundings to life with vivid descriptions, she introduces us to the men who flit in and out of her life, and she makes us feel the rhythm of the tango.  Highly recommended.



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