Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Venting About Women's Tennis: I Thought We'd Come Farther Than This

I am a tennis fan, and I'm outraged!

Ssaturday, French tennis player Marion Bartoli won the women's championship at Wimbledon.  Granted she was a long-shot and she may never win another Grand Slam but last weekend she reached the pinnacle of her sport.  No tennis championship is so highly coveted as Wimbledon.

And what did she get along with the win?  Nasty, unwarranted comments about her looks.  Okay she isn't Maria Sharapova but she was the one standing on center court with the trophy in her hands this year.  And do looks matter in a sport that's supposed to be all about speed and timing and skill?  Apparently to some people who tweated that she was fat.  Apparently to a British sportscaster who remarked that her father must've said, "Okay, you'll never be a looker so concentrate on your tennis".

To Marion's credit, she handled the insults with class.  When asked if she'd ever dreamed of getting a contract as a model, she replied, "No, but I did dream of winning Wimbledon."  So there, male chauvinist pig.

Did anyone ever mention that men's number 1 Novak Djokovic is not a "looker?"  Or that Jersy Jancowicz who made the men's semis bears a strong resemblance to Frankenstein?  No, they commented on his amazing serve and Novak's great return?  Has Andy Murray been offered a contract to model men's underwear?  Not that I know of, but he gave Great Britain its first male champion in 77 years.  That's enough.

Why should women be judged on looks rather than achievement?  Are we still in the dark ages?  Are men still ruled by their hormones?  Come on, guys.  You're not all sex symbols.  Why should women be?

Cheers for Marion.  She looked pretty darn hot in her high heels and tight dress at the Championship ball on Sunday night.  But I'm not going to post her picture from that evening.
Because it doesn't matter!

And as for the jerk who insulted her on British TV, if it were up to me, he'd be out pounding the pavement, looking for a new job...and not getting one.

Comments, anyone?



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