Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quote for the Week from Poetry for Cats by Robert Frost's Cat

Sitting by the Fire on a Snowy Evening

Whose chair this is by now I know.
He's somewhere in the forest though;
He will not see me sitting here,
A place I'm not supposed to go.

He really is a little queer
To leave his fire's cozy cheer
And ride out by the forest lake
The coldest evening of the year.

To love the snow it takes a flake; 
The chill that makes your footpads ache,
The drifts too high to lurk or creep,
The icicles that drip and break.

His chair is comfy, soft and deep.
But I have got an urge to leap,
And mice to catch before I sleep,
And mice to catch before I sleep.



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