Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Mission Statement

A group I belong to has discussed the value of writing a personal mission statement.   Here is mine:

To cherish and maintain my relationships with family and friends.  As long as possible, to continue fulfilling work, with the knowledge that I’ve made a difference in children’s lives.  To continue to write, with the goal of expressing myself and inspiring others.  To continue to grow as an individual by learning, participating, giving back.  To take care of my health.  To set an example for my children and grandchildren and others by aging well. To live up to my father's example of honesty, integrity and generosity.

Want to write a mission statement?  Here are some questions to consider:

What would I really like to be and do in my life?
What do I feel are my greatest strengths?
How do I want to be remembered?
Who is the one person who has made the greatest positive impact on my life?
What have been my happiest moments?
If I had unlimited time and resources, what would I do?
What are the three or four most important things to me?
How can I best contribute to the world?



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