Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Grade All Over Again

Friday was the groundbreaking for the high rise I will be moving into in 2015.  Rain was forecast, but it was a beautiful day with sunshine and clear skies.  After the requisite speeches, board members for the high rise dipped their shovels into a pile of sand (That's not them above--it's a generic picture).And then we got in line for a buffet lunch.

 I only knew one couple in the crowd and I didn't see them until after I'd filled my plate, so as the line inched forward, I glanced around.  Suddenly I felt as if I were in first grade all over again, surrounded by people I didn't know..  Which of these current strangers would end up being my friends?  Who would I spend time with, chat with, confide in?  A whole new chapter will be opening up, and I wonder how I will fill the pages.  I'm pretty shy, so the thought is exciting and scary at the same time.  Well, I tell myself I made it through first grade; I'll navigate this change, too, and pretty soon I'll feel at home.



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