Sunday, November 10, 2013

Plastic Surgery, Yes or No?

Tomorrow evening my Women in Transition group is discussing plastic surgery.  The question is whether you would choose cosmetic surgery to make yourself look younger.  My answer:  Huh uh.
I have had two experiences with plastic surgery.  The first was when I turned 50.  I decided to give myself a present and get rid of the lines around my mouth.  Ah, how fondly I look back on those lines.  They were so faint, hardly visible.  Today, from years of smiling, of course, they're a lot deeper.  You can't miss them.  Anyway, I went to a dermatologist for collagen injections.  Ouch!  But I figured they were worth it.  I'd be able to pass for 40, maybe younger.  Not exactly.  I was apparently allergic to the collagen and instead of erasing my lines, it caused bright red, ugly marks around my mouth.  The doctor advised leaving them alone.  She assured me they would vanish.  Stubborn little things, they stayed right where they were.  I remember attending a workshop and running into a professor I'd had in graduate school.  She took one look at me and shrieked, "What happened to your faa..ace?"  Now everyone was staring.  I wanted to disappear.  The next week I saw another dermatologist, who solved the problem with steroid injections.  Cosmetic surgery?  Never again.  I will embrace my aging face and tell myself it shows my wisdom (even if I don't believe it).

I did have another experience with plastic surgery, but this one was medically necessary.  I had an eyelid lift to improve my vision.  The doctor, who specialized in  ophthalmic plastic surgery, was writing a mystery and I knew people in his critique group, so we had a nice chat while he worked on my lids.    Afterward, for the first time since I was four years old, I didn't need glasses.

So here's my take: if it's medically necessary, go for it.  If not, don't take the risk.

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