Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quotes about (What else?) Quotations

Life itself is a quotation.  Jorge Luis Borges

A quote is just a tattoo on the tongue.  William F. DeVault

I've compiled a book from the Internet.  It's a book of quotations attributed to the wrong people.  Jerry Seinfeld

He wrapped himself in quotations--as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.  Rudyard Kipling

Proverbs are potted wisdom.  Charles Buxton

Life is like quotations.  Sometimes it makes you laugh.  Sometimes it makes you cry.  Most of the time you just don't get it.  Author Unknown

Now we sit through Shakespeare, in order to recognize the quotations.  Orson Welles

A proverb is to speech what salt is to food.  Arabic Proverb

The proverbs of a nation furnish the index to its spirit and the results of its civilization.  J.G. Holland

People will accept your idea more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first.   David Comins

Aphorism:  A concise, clever statement you don't think of until too late.  James A. Thom

It's such a pleasure to write down splendid words--almost as if one were inventing them.  Rupert Hart-Davis

It's a strange world of language where skating on thin ice can get you into hot water.  Franklin P. Jones

Misquotations are the only quotations that are never misquoted. Hesketh Pearson

After all, all he did was string together a lot of old well-known quotations. H.L. Mencken about Shakespeare

Aphorisms are light-towers along the journey of life.  Johnson

He repeated to himself an old French proverb that he had made up that morning.  F. Scott Fitzgerald



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