Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Quote for the Week from my cousin, Eugene Rosen

I am a Boston fan but watched all of Jeter's last games, minute by minute. Derek Jeter defined baseball in the richest manner...a slow ballet performed by boys at heart guided by rules and the bright sun shining over them.  I would like to hear from Mom and Dad, who are Hall of Famers as well. They guided their son in a manner that led to thousands of bright choices over his life, including baseball.  With Bob Marley's song, "so much trouble in the world these days" echoing often in my heart these days,
Derek Jeter was a celebration of the goodness of life and the goodness that is possible in each of us.  Continue your journey, Mr. Jeter, and I will watch and learn from you.  And to Mr. and Mrs. Jeter, thank you for the gift of your son.

Isn't it wonderful to have an athlete who is a role model.  TZ



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