Friday, April 1, 2011

The Challenge Begins

Along with more than 900 other bloggers, I have joined Blogging Challenge A to Z. Each day during April, except Sundays, we will all publish posts beginning with the same letter, going through the alphabet from A to Z. Fun!!! Today's the A post. Alligators? Ants? Aunts? Arguments? Check out my post and see. More fun, join in.

Note: I'm going to try to keep my posts on topic--widowhood--but sometimes I'll veer off by necessity. Hmm: an X topic for widowhood. Not so easy. Anyway, here goes.


Widow in the Middle said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you for recently posting the books you have read and for posting about this challenge. I think it would be fun to join and good motivation to come up with some inspiring topics.

Widow in the Middle said... [Reply to comment]

I just joined the challenge too, and would have never known about it except through your post. So thanks again for informing me about this. I am looking forward to it!


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