Sunday, April 24, 2011

U is for Update on April Reading

In addition to blogging daily, I've kept up with reading. As you can see below, I've read a variety of books this month:

Careers for Your Cat by Ann Dziemianowicz. If your cat has been lazing around all day, it's time to get him/her a job. Let the cat contribute to the family income. You'll have to start by giving your pet the Meowers/Briggs. I did that and found Toby to be an IE (Intellectual Extravert) and he would be a fine TV news anchor, probably the next Matt Meower (or is that Cat Lauer?) on NBC, Purrs Morgan,

interview show host on CNN, or since he's into humour, the next Jon Mewart on The Daily Show. Tiki, however, will not be CBS's next Kitty Couric. She is a CE (Creative Extravert) and could be a choral director.
P.S. The illustrations by Ann Boyajian are worth buying the book.

Human: The Science Behind What Makes Us Unique by Michael Gazzaniga. Fascinating book, reader-friendly and interspersed with humor. Example: "I am a fryborg and so are you. Fryborgs are biological organisms functionally supplemented with technological extensions. For instance, shoes. Wearing shoes has not been a problem for most people. In fact, it has solved many problems, such as walking on

gravelly surfaces, avoiding thorns in the foot, walking at high noon across an asphalt parking lot on a hot June day in Phoenix or a January day in Duluth, and shoes have prevented over one million stubbed toes in the last month." Chapter headings include "Would a Chimp Be a Good Date?" "What's Up with the Arts?" and "Who Needs Flesh?" Both educational and enjoyable.

A Widow's Story by Joyce Carole Oates. I reviewed this in my J post. Although over-long, Oates's account of her early months of widowhood resonated with me. Her guilt over having taken her husband to the small hospital in Princeton instead of a larger one, her loneliness, her frustration with the myriad widow-duties we all have to

face, her shock at some of the thoughtless remarks spoken to her--every widow can relate. But I was shocked at her serious consideration of suicide and equally surprised that she remarried so quickly. I recommend this book.

The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester. I don't usually read science fiction, but this one was for my book club. Considered a science fiction classic, it's the story of a

murderer versus a policeman but also much more. At times I became so absorbed I couldn't put it down; at other times, not so much. But I'm glad I read it. If you like science fiction, you might enjoy this one.

What books do you recommend?


Boo said... [Reply to comment]

I read the free excerpt to A Widow's Story and might just buy it. Not sure ... like you I felt that part was a bit long?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

LOL, I have to read the "career for your cat" book. :-)
I would recommend the "Psycho Kitty" books by Max Thompson. Max is a tuxedo cat who writes a blog, and he's published several books. I have laughed at those books every time I've read one.
Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog about Tigger.

Meryl said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Thelma. Those books look really interesting. I am sorry I missed some of your posts, but took some time to catch up. I loved the 25 facts. I also love Shawshank Redemption. Some of your facts are fascinating! And I do believe you are a romantic. I hear the sensitivity and passion in all your posts. It's wonderful!

Michelle Teacress said... [Reply to comment]

I'm a pet lover, and that cat book looks pretty funny. Thanks for the suggestion.
I appreciate you stopping by my blog and following. Nice to 'meet' you. Have a good day. :)

Ann Dziemianowicz said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you for reviewing my book! Happy to hear that Toby is the next Matt Meower. I look forward to the mews-cats. And Tiki will be a fine choral director.

Now that the kitties are bringing home the bacon, it's time for you to take a long catnap. :)


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