Thursday, April 7, 2011

G is for Glue

G is for glue, not the kind shown in the picture on the right, but the kind that holds your life together.

The glue of family. How fortunate I am to have my children and granddaughter here only a few minutes drive away. They supported us both through Ralph's illness and me through my widowhood. They're available when I need them and even put up with what I'm sure are annoying questions for my son about the computer and my daughter about the garden. And there's my sister, not nearby, but a telephone call away. We travel together and on our last trip set a record by not getting lost once. We share childhood memories. My father used to tell us, "When your mother and I are gone, you'll have each other." And we do.

The glue of friendship. I still keep up with friends from elementary school, junior high and high school, with college roomates, sorority sisters, writer friends, organization friends I've made through the years. Even if it's a once yearly lunch, I still appreciate them.

The glue of work. I love being a speech pathologist. Many of my friends are colleagues I've worked with through the years--other speech paths, teachers, psychologists, social workers. And the families who have given me the privilege of sharing in their children's lives and language. I love hearing from people whose kids I worked with years ago and knowing I've contributed to their lives.

The glue of place. Recently I wrote about being happy in my space. Sometimes, when there's a leaky roof or an A/C that suddenly goes off in mid-July, I think of selling my house, but I won't. Here's where my memories live; here's where my children grew up.

The glue of memory. Arguments (yes, I once socked Ralph in front of his mother), jokes (the pink plastic flamingos that appeared in our yard after, with my glasses off, I mistook some girls in pink dance costumes on TV for flamingos), cuddles, warmth and joy. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

What holds you together?


Debra Ann Elliott said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful post and so true...
Thanks for stopping by Writing with Debra. I enjoy your visits.

Dafeenah said... [Reply to comment]

So very true. We all need more of that "glue".


Anne K. Albert said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful post. So touching and true. Hugs!

jan said... [Reply to comment]

I can tell we share similar thoughts about family and friendship. Thanks for stopping by begin...begin again. Hope to hear from you soon.

Meryl said... [Reply to comment]

I am so happy for you that you have your family so close. My kids are still in college, but I do hope they settle down not too far from me - although I tell them it doesn't matter because distance will not keep me from them. (They're not sure that's a promise or a threat - LOL).

Great post!

Sheila Siler said... [Reply to comment]

Glue is so VERY important. I agree, my friends and family are my glue. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This AZ challenge is bringing new friends together, more glue!

Margaret Hall said... [Reply to comment]

I feel that glue is what you use to stick to a project as well..I tend to procrastinate and not finish...Family, well---some of the glue has failed there, unfortunately..Glue where we are in our home is good...I liked your thoughts on glue...Thanks for making us aware...

Sorry to be so late, been busy and life in the way...(smile)


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