Tuesday, April 3, 2012

D is for Dystechnia

Dyslexia: reading disorder. Dysgraphia: handwriting disorder. Dystechnia: technology disorder. Okay, it's not a real word. I heard it at a conference and decided it's a perfect description of me.

This is me, or this is me if I were blonde. I love my computer when it's working well, but when something goes wrong, I'm completely at sea. I have a wonderful computer guy, appropriately named Angel Eden, who rescues me when I have a serious emergency, but for everyday glitches, I'm still a mess. I'm scared to try anything because I know I'll screw up and my laptop will disintegrate in front of my eyes.

I'd love to have a really sexy blog with all kinds of moving parts, bells and whistles, but it's beyond me. Do I make use of all the great social media? Not enough. Yes, I'm on facebook and linkedin but I don't often use them. Twitter? I don't get it.

This would be me if I were a man.

Technology, of course, isn't limited to computers. There's the cell phone which I use for phone calls (how Twentieth Century of me), the IPad (I don't have one), the Kindle (I use mine only for reading books). What I need is a live-in technoogy handyperson. Anyone interested?


Bish Denham said... [Reply to comment]

Blogs with all kinds of moving parts and bell and whistles can be a real pain to load. I like 'em simple, like yours.

KarenG said... [Reply to comment]

I agree with Bish! The loaded blogs are a headache. Wishing people would not put stuff up just because they can.

Jaime said... [Reply to comment]

For someone who doesn't think she is a techie, your blog looks great.

judysnwnotes said... [Reply to comment]

I linked over here after noticing your response to someone else's post -- and laughed -- and I relate as well to the love-hate relationship with computers -- and blogs. I would so love my blog and website to be sexy, dance before everyone's eyes, draw readers from near and far -- HA, but I'm still figuring out what my blog wants to say and making a commitment to post regularly -- the A to Z thing is helping!

I could use a live-in or at least close techno-geek!
(I also understand and relate to the demanding cats comment!)

Fun read

Rebecca Bradley said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, that's me, loving computers and my phone as long as they are working. Then they get called all the names under the sun when something goes wrong. :)


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