Sunday, April 15, 2012

N is for Nine

The number 9 doesn't show up as frequently in symbolism as 3 or 7, or so I thought until I googled it. In fact, it's used a lot. Here are some 9's in mythology, religion, sports, history, math, and some miscellaneous places:

The Bahai religion has a nine-pointed star.

Paul listed 9 spiritual gifts.

Jesus died at the 9th hour.

Because it's the highest single digit number, 9 symbolizes completion and fulfillment.

9 is a perfect square.

The digits of any number multiplied by 9 equal 9.

0 x 9 + 1 =1
1 x 9 + 2 =11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 X 9 + 4 = 1111 and so on

There are 9 worlds in Norse mythology.

In Greek myth, Demeter and Persephone are together for 9 months of the year.

After being impregnated by Zeus, Leto labored for 9 days giving birth to Artemis and Apollo.

There were 9 muses in Greek mythology.

The Aztecs believed that after death they passed through 9 stages before reaching eternal rest.

Among the Vikings, 9 day old babies were held on their fathers' laps and sprinkled with water and this made them legal members of the community

In England, Lady Jane Grey was called the 9 Days Queen. She ruled for 9 days before being executed.

William Henry Harrison, the 9th President, was the first to die in office.

Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies.

The final movement of the 9th symphony is now the national anthem of the European Union.

Gestation for humans is 9 months.

Sperm have 9 twisted threads. After a sperm unites with an egg, a centriole, a cricle of 9 parallel tubes is formed.

Parsley is said to go back and forth to the devil 9 times before it sprouts, so giving a gift containing parsley is bad luck.

Cats are said to have 9 lives.

Baseball is played with 9 players for 9 innings.

And last but not least, Herman Cain's 999 plan.


jen@ living a full life said... [Reply to comment]

What an interesting take on the letter N, very original. There were many things on this list that I did not know! Thanks for the number nine lesson.

Cassam said... [Reply to comment]

Who would have thought the number nine could be so interesting. Visiting from A to Z challenge.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I think 9 is my new favorite number...
Thanks for visiting...I hope you stop by again soon..


Beth Camp said... [Reply to comment]

I liked the note that 9 represents completeness and fulfillment. An interesting read. Where did you find all this info? I may never think of 9 quite the same. Even the math is fascinating.

notes4neta said... [Reply to comment]

Very interesting post! It made me think of another "9" - innings in a baseball game (not that I ever watch it!)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

9 is a cool number. Interesting stuff.


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