Thursday, April 26, 2012

X is for X-Rated Words

It's official.  The New York City Department of Education has sent book publishers a list of objectionable words that should not be included in their books.  You're guessing 4-letter words, aren't you?  Wrong.  Apparently the Department trusts publishers to omit these kinds of words on their own.  There are other words which should be deleted, words that would make children uncomfortable, or, some would say, words which are politically incorrect.  You're guessing racist words, sexist words, ethnic slurs.  Wrong again.

Here's a partial list and the reasons why each word was censored:

Dinosaur:  Not everyone believes in the theory of evolution.  We don't want a classroom religious war.

Birthday:   Another religiously unacceptable word.  Not celebrated by Jehovah's Witnesses. 

Pepperoni:  Are you kidding?  It's junk food.  Let's not reinforce that.  Also insensitive to vegans.

Divorce:  Too upsetting for kids whose parents have split.

Home computers:  Not every family can afford one.

Disease:  Scary

Terrorism:  Also scary.

I'm sure the list contains other words, equally dangerous, that were not mentioned in the article I read.  Isn't it comforting to know that children in New York are being shielded from such subversive concepts?  Perhaps you have suggestions for additonal words for the list.  If so, mention them in the comment section.  Or just send them to the New York City Board of Education.  I'm sure they'll appreciate your concern.


Amy Brantley said... [Reply to comment]

Are you kidding me? I can't stand New York.

Erin O'Riordan said... [Reply to comment]

It's sad and alarming whenever this odd anti-free-thought attitude rears its head in American culture.

mare ball said... [Reply to comment]

How ridiculous. What happened to free speech? Apparently foul language is tolerated, but these important words are not.

Beth Camp said... [Reply to comment]

Don't blame New York! Take it to the Board of Education . . . please!

monicastangledweb said... [Reply to comment]

This is crazy and I can't believe it's New York that's behind this censorship! I grew up there and went through the school system, so it's boggling my mind. Okay, here's a word to add to the list:

Love: because if a child hears that in reference to someone else, not them, then they may feel sad and unloved, so best not to say it at all. Sigh. This is so wrong. Thanks for letting us know, Thelma!

Maryann Miller said... [Reply to comment]

OMG, please tell me the whole list is a joke.

No such luck, eh? Poor students.


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