Friday, April 6, 2012

G is for Glasses

I started wearing glasses when I was four. Little round gold-rimmed glasses with thick, thick lenses. I was far-sighted and had severe astigmatism. My left eye was worse, so I tended to use my right for sighting, which was a problem because I am left-handed. Years later, I realized that was why I was probably so lousy at sports like baseball and kickball.

I grew up and wore glasses with plastic frames. Still thick though, but by then, so much a part of me, I rarely thought about them. In fact, I even wore them in the shower. I tried contacts several times but could never adjust to them. They hurt, they itched, I couldn't get them in. I threw them away and went on with my life.

Marriage, motherhood, divorce, grad school, work--the glasses accompanied me through every crisis and every triumph. When I was 36, they became bifocals.

As I got older, cataracts appeared. For years, they didn't intefere with my vision, but finally in the winter of 2008, my eye doctor said it was time to remove them. I had the two surgeries over winter break. Surprise! Colors were so much brighter than I had thought. Another surprise! I could see without my glasses. Wouldn't people be amazed to see me without my coke bottle glasses! In early January I strode into the school I consult with. I expected people to stop me in the hall and exlaim about the new glassesless Me. Not a word. The only person who noticed was the janitor.

The other day my daughter remarked that she has had trouble getting used to me without the glasses. "You don't look like my mother without them," she said.
On the other hand, I am thoroughly used to Life Without Glasses. At first I felt undressed. For months after the surgery I reached up to take them off at night, groped for them in the morning when I woke up. But now I'm completely comfortable without them, my vision is great, and someone even told me recently I have pretty eyes. For me, that's the ultimate compliment.


Kathy said... [Reply to comment]

Glasses have made the full circle of fashion. There are photographs of great great,aunts, wearing the same ones I wear today. I've never even considered contacts. The whole putting things in my eye with my finger thing kind of freaks me out. Great 'G' post!!
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Donna Yates said... [Reply to comment]

I think it's wonderful you can now see without glasses.

EmptyNester said... [Reply to comment]

I never had glasses until my late 40s. And I'm sick of them already! But eye surgery scares the crap out of me! My mom, dad, stepmom- have all had surgery but I'm just to darn chicken! It's great that you did it and got such grand results!

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Sarah Pearson said... [Reply to comment]

Glasses are definitely cool now. Both my daughters wear them and they both love them :-)

Stephanie said... [Reply to comment]

Glasses are cool...on some people. I've been wearing glasses since I was seven, and my face just doesn't fit all of the cool frames! I'm like contacts for me.

thelmaz said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. I've visited 400 of the challengers already. Hope to make it all the way.

Margo Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Great G word! I'm wearing cute little "reader" glasses right now! haha.

I'm a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. :)

Vincent said... [Reply to comment]

Your story clearly reminds of my grandmother. We’ve gotten so used to seeing with her glasses on, but after her cataracts were removed, it was as if we’re talking with a different person. Other than, that she also started to continue her favorite hobby: sewing!

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