Monday, April 23, 2012

U is for Urban Dictionary

Want to understand street slang, current pop terms?  Check out  to learn the meanings of words and phrases you don't know (or may not want to know).  Anyway, here's a sample:

Apple Year:  The amount of time it takes an Apple product to get old, from the day it is purchased. An Apple Year is usually less than one month, although it depends based on the product

I can't believe this! I bought the iPad just an Apple Year ago, and now they're coming out with a new one!

Google tic:  The uncontrollable urge to conduct a Google search on any and every question, thought, concept, word or name that comes to mind, including new acquaintances, products and companies.

You haven't Googled him, but you went out with him?! I could never get in someone's car without Googling their name, but then again, I have a Google tic.

Phone-yawn:  The act of taking out a cell phone from one's pocket or purse, resulting in other people in the vicinity taking out and checking their phones as well.

As Harriet pulled her cell from her pocket to check for new text messages, her circle of friends phone-yawned, pulling out and checking their phones too. Not Becky; she lost her phone at the club the night before.

IJS:  I'm Just Saying: Used to add emphasis, or express irony. Can also be used to express sarcasm. Can be used on the back of almost any sentence, IJS.

Egg Salad Monday:  The day after Easter Sunday when everyone has a surplus of hardboiled eggs. These eggs are often used up by making egg salad.

"I'm suffering the adverse effects of Egg Salad Monday".

"I'm out of town on Easter Weekend, but I think I can come by on Egg Salad Monday.

Airport Effect:  The temporary increase in self importance that individuals assign to themselves while waiting at airports.  Future passengers suffering from the airport effect often portray more serious facial expressions, increase their cell phone speaking volume if discussing business matters, and perform fake work on their laptop near heavily populated areas.

totes:  (abbreviation) stands for totally.

-Do you agree with me?



Nikky44 said... [Reply to comment]

Many times I need to google a word to find it's meaning (English only being my 3rd language), and yesterday I needed to look into the Urban dictionary for a word I got as a comment on my Blog! I wish I didn't! The responses were so contradictory and so confusing, that I have just gave up!


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