Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for E-Connected (or E-AddictedI)


Last week I went to a Houston Rockets basketball game.  Afterward I went to the rest room.  When I finished washing my hands, I reached for a paper towerl, but something was in the way.  Something was plugged into a socket right next to the towel and the wire was in front of the towel dispenser.  A young girl was charging her cell phone.  In. The. Bathroom.  Right where people needed to reach for towels.

Is this addiction?  Could she wait until she got home?  Surely her friends had phones she could borrow in an emergency?  Doesn't this seem rather OCD?  Of course, maybe she was waiting for urgent news.  Maybe she needed to call someone to pick her up now that the game was over.  Ya think?  I don't.  I think she was unable to be disconnected.  Is there some new disease called disconnecaphobia? 

If so, it seems to affect teens and 20-somethings more than other age groups.  My granddaughter is glued to her cell.  God forbid she miss a text.  I don't know how she functions in school all day without the phone.  Maybe she has a little button inside her head that relays messages.

If it's not a cell, it's an IPad or an ISomething.  Are we becoming a nation of electronic addicts.  Yes, those devices help us a lot, but nevertheless...

What do you think? 


While I'm on the E subject, my memoir, Stumbling Through the Dark, is available as an E-book on Amazon.


Susan Kane said... [Reply to comment]

I wish we could go back in time, when cell phones were used for making phone calls. Just that. Nothing else. Life was so much easier then.

Betty Alark said... [Reply to comment]

That is so funny and adorable at the same time. I needed a laugh! I'm laughing because, Betty can relate to your every word. I really can't imagine what this generation would do without cell phones, iphones and computers; but that is the age we are living in; imaging the next generation whom will- from the womb, be introduced to the information age, or age of the robots;hahaha!

I really enjoyed your post! Hang in there it will only get worst-hahaha! No but really - technology is great!

Nancy said... [Reply to comment]

Clever use of the "E" for the blogging challenge, Thelma! In general, I think we all need to disconnect from time to time, and for me, the bathroom would be one of those times!


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