Friday, April 5, 2013

F is for FOMO. Do you have it?


F is for FOMO.  Do you suffer from this affliction?  If you constantly check the latest Facebook entries of all your friends,  if you follow your favorite Tweeters all day, if you're the first and last at parties and if you can't bear to miss one, then you may be afflicted with FOMO, FEAR OF MISSING OUT. 

Are you a FOMO sufferer?  Or do you know one?  Is it curable?  Leave a comment with your opinion.
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Linda said... [Reply to comment]

Something I have never thought of before...but thanks to your post it is something I will be aware of from now on. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jan Newman said... [Reply to comment]

FOMO -- guilty! :( I try to stay busy with something useful, like writing. Sometimes it works.

Linda - Nickers and Ink said... [Reply to comment]

Learned a new acrostic today, thanks to you!
Happy A to Z.
Thanks for stopping at Nickers and Ink.


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