Thursday, April 11, 2013

K is for Keepsakes

As I continue downsizing, I come upon a trove of keepsakes.  Some I've had since early childhood:
     A little bank shaped like a treasure chest.  I so wanted a little sister.  One day Daddy said little sisters cost $100.  I had the little bank and I vowed to save up that money to get a little sister.  (I did eventually get her, but I imagine she cost a lot more than $100.)
     My family history in hats, from my grandmother to my granddaughter.  They hang on a hat rack in my entry hall.  And especially my father's hat, the last one he was wearing when he went to the hospital before he died.
     Two necklaces:  my travel necklace with a gold charm for each state or country I've visited and my writing necklace with a silver charm for each book or essay I've published.
     A memory box given to me by my cousin after my husband died.  In it are his pen that, being a geek, he always kept in his pocket; a can of Fancy Feast in a flavor his beloved cat Hal preferred; his turkey recipe (He always cooked our Thanksgiving turkey; a tiny penguin, reminder of our trip to Antarctica; a letter from our granddaughter to her Popo.
     A needlepoint of the house I grew up in, done by my friend Lynn
     Shells from a trip to Sanibel Island
     A small box of my children's baby clothes
I could probably list a hundred more things I can't part with...maybe I won't downsize after all.



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