Wednesday, April 10, 2013

J is for Jeopardy Calendar

I love Jeopardy.  Every year I buy a Jeopardy calendar, the kind with 365
answers.  Each day I religiously attempt the question and give myself the amount of "money" it's worth.  On Sundays, which is Double Jeopardy day, instead of betting, I give myself $800 if I get the question right.  So far this year, I have made $56,400.  My goal is $200,000.  Last year I almost made it. 
Want to make some imaginary money?  Here are some Jeopardy answers.  Questions are in the Comments section:

1.  Category:  "Face"book.  This marching maneuver used by a miliary formation can also mean a complete change of opinion.  $1000

2. Category:  Adjectives.  This synonym for "wide" can be found before "cloth" or "minded."  $200

3. Category.  The White House.  The walls of the white house are this "stone," a type of sedementary rock that has been painted over.  $600

4. Category.  The Super Bowl  This quarterback, who wore #7, led the Broncos to 3 Super Bowl losses before winning back-to-back ones.  $800

5. Category.  Bible "R"oster.  This name for a son of Leah means "behold a son" in Hebrew.  It has nothing to do with a sandwich  $400

6. Category.  First Names.  This name, like that of a girl in Harry Potter, is derived from the name of Hermes, messenger of the gods. $600

7. Category.  Film Musicals.  He played silent film star Don Lockwood who liked "Singin' in the Rain."  $1000

8. Category.  Quotations.  Robert Burns wrote, "And we'll take a cup o' kindness yet for this.  $2000

See the answers in Comments.  How much did you make?



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