Friday, April 12, 2013

L is for Left-Handed

Do you know the Latin word for left? Sinister.  From which we get the word sinister.  We lefties always get a bum rap.  There's a "left-handed compliment" which you probably don't want to get, you can have "two left feet," or be "out in left field."  Come on, idiom-makers, we left-handers aren't all awkward or stupid.  Among us are:  Goethe, Colin Powell, Leonardo DaVinci, Babe Ruth, Ronald Reagan, John McEnroe, Dorothy Hammil, Greta Garbo, Bob Dylan, Pablo Picasso, Jerry Seinfeld, and oh, yes, Albert Einstein.  Not such bad company.

Here are some quotes from left-handed people:
     "I've always liked being left-handed.  It made me feel different and special.  And I've found left-handed people have a kindred spirit of affection and appreciation for other lefties."  Rae Lindsay, author of Left is Right.

     "Left-handed intuition the result of that extra step in the lefty's learning process:  the necessity of having to adapt right-handed information produces an enhanced awareness of the self."  Ed Wright, author of A Left-Handed History of the World

Need some left-handed gadgets?  Here are two websites to check out: and

And if you're a left-handed golfer, there's an organization for you--The Northern California Left-Handed Golfer's Association.



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